Master of None: Emmys Edition

Last night at the Emmy Awards, Masters of None writer’s Aziz Ansari won for Outstanding Comedy in a Writing Series for the episode “Parents.” The episode is about how millenials- particularly those in immigrant families- relate to their parents (Entertainment Weekly).

Yang addressed Asian representation during his acceptance speech:

“There’s 17 million Asian-americans in this country, and there’s 17 million Italian Americans. They have The Godfather, Goodfellas, Rocky, the Sopranos. We got Long Duck Dong.* We have a long way to go. But I know we can get there. I believe in us, it’s just gonna take a lot of hard work… Asian parents out there, if you could just do me a favor: If just a couple of you can get your kids cameras instead of violins, we’ll be all good.”

The moment was a huge win for Asians in media but I would disagree with Yang in blaming the parents. The actors are there, the parts are not and that is on the studios.


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